Surfboard rent

Surfboard Rent

Weligama beach break is suitable for many surfboard styles Our surfboards Shortboards and Mini Malibu boards in our rag Softboard on top, mini malibu boards below Shortboards, Funboards and Longboards available for hire Many surfboard sizes and shapes ready for the ride Our surfteacher usually prefers shorter surfboards This is where our surfboards spend the night Scooters with surfboard rags can be rented as well to drive to other surfspots nearby We have lots of nice and easy surf boards Why don't you join us and make sure your surfing skills really up
We provide quality surfboards from Bugz, Buster, NSP and other companies for all wave conditions and skill levels. From the 6'0'' shortboard to the 9'2'' longboard. For the surf lessons we use 8'4'' and 9'2'' softboards, the best equipment to catch white water waves and the first small green waves for beginners.